April 12, 2012

Cream puffs with vanilla custard filling

Cream puffs are a sweet memory from childhood and every time i make them it takes me back in time, mainly because of the vanilla scent.

Whoever invented these delicious balls filled with creamy vanilla custard was a genius, they are easy to bake and mess free, perfect for any kind of party.

What you need is:

For the cream puffs:
-500ml water
-250g butter
-50g custer sugar
-350g all purpose flower
-a pinch of salt
-6 eggs

For vanilla custard:
-4 eggs
-250g custard sugar
-200g flour
-750ml milk
-3 table spoons vanilla essence

Chocolate topping (optional):
- 100g chocolate

Make the custard first so it has time to rest in the fridge. Start by breaking all the eggs in a large bowl ( don't use plastic) and beat them well. CONTINUE READING

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