April 10, 2012

10 Cooking tricks that will make your life easier

I was raised by both my grandma and my mother and both had a real passion for cooking. I often sat at the kitchen table playing and watching them cook and ,as I was growing up, they were teaching me their secrets.

Later in high school I developed a sort of a addiction to making lists and keeping a track of anything i thought was important going on in my life and as a result I wrote down a lot of my mother and my grandma's advices.

I still keep the notebooks and read them from time to time and I thought I should share them with you all. It's sometimes random stuff and you might have heard it before but who knows, it might help you too.

So here it is, the 10 cooking tricks that will make your life easier:

1. Add a little caster sugar or lemon juice when beating egg whites and you will get them stiff and fluffy in no time.

2. Roll out the bread dough in one direction only otherwise the yeast will not react properly and the bread will rise unevenly.


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