April 8, 2012

5 Ways to make Deviled Eggs

Devil eggs or stuffed eggs are a very easy to make, affordable and a must have appetizer on any festive table.

There are many recipes on how to cook these delicious treats, I prefer to make a few of each, that way my guests have options since some tolerate cheese better than others or some prefer it without any type of meat.

I wrote before how to cook the perfect boiled egg. This is very important because if you can't peal the egg properly they won't look good on the platter. So take a minute to read and follow the instructions on how to properly boil eggs before you go on with the devil eggs recipe.

I usually don't measure the quantities i use for the stuffing, just keep in mind that the mustard and sour cream are used to bind everything together so it usually takes about 1-2 table spoons ( for 6 eggs). The mix between the egg yolks and the other main ingredient should be half-half but if you prefer differently, go ahead and do it your way. And keep tasting!

So here they are, 5 different stuffing for devil eggs:

1. chives, mayonnaise & mustard
For this stuffing you don't need to add half chives-half egg yolks, you can use the chives just to flavor the yolks. I like it half and half though.... CONTINUE READING

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