March 29, 2012

Stuffed pancakes with mushrooms & chicken breast

This is a very easy to make recipe which can be also made vegetarian by replacing the chicken with more mushrooms. These pancakes are very good even the next day, just heat them up and serve them with sour cream on top.

What you need is:

For the pancakes:
4 eggs
275 ml milk
300 grams flour
cooking oil to make the pancakes

For the stuffing:
2 table spoons butter
250 grams Champignon mushrooms (you can use canned mushrooms as well)
1 medium size white onion
350 grams chicken breast cut in small pieces
1 table spoon white flour
250 ml vegetable stock
200 ml sour cream
3 table spoons Parmesan cheese
salt & pepper to your taste

Mix all the pancake ingredients with a mixer until it becomes a thick liquid paste and leave aside to rest. CONTINUE READING

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