April 3, 2012

My favorite potato salad ever!

This is my favorite potato salad ever since I was a child. My mother makes it every holiday, either is Christmas or Easter or just a birthday, this salad was always on the table, so I've always associated it with good times. Because of that, it became my comfort food and when I have a bad day, i cuddle in front of the TV with a big bowl of this delicious potato salad and everything is good again.

It's a very easy to make and it last in the fridge for days. I alway make large quantities of it so feel free to cut the quantities in half. And of course, if you're a vegetarian, don't use the meat, it's just as tasty.

What you need is:
  • 10 medium size red potatoes ( they are more firm when boiled)
  • 2 large carrots
  • 300 grams green peas
  • 400 grams chicken breast
  • 5 dill pickles (medium sized, not the tiny ones)
  • 3 table spoons regular mustard
  • 400 grams light mayonnaise
  • salt and pepper to your taste
  • for decoration (optional): a few table spoons of mayonnaise, 1 boiled egg, 1 dill pickle, black olives
Boil the potatoes and then peal them. At the same time, in a different pot, boil the pealed carrots and... CONTINUE READING

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